Do you guideCAST ?

Welcome to the popular public speakers timer system!!!

!!! NEW Firmware Version 2.03 !!!
Features 5 Seconds Timer, extended Messaging and Speakers Extra Time
guideCAST Features:

Timing: 1-99 Minutes, 1 - 99 Seconds, 5 - 495 Seconds.

Extended time


easy ONE BUTTON user interface

easy to install using standard XLR microphone lines

intuitive LED time bar-graph

scalable: Multiple LED bar-graphs can be connected to one controller.

large public visible LED bar-graphs and small private tubes available.
 guideCAST is an intuitive, simple to use public speakers visual timing and signaling system.

At round tables, discussion events, presidential debates or presentations - timing is everything. Each public speaker usually has a given time frame, which should not be exceeded. With guideCAST, a public speaker watches an LED bar-graph, which represents intuitively the remaining time of his time-frame. Similar to a sand watch, once the bar-graph is 'full', the time is over.

The 'one-button' operation of the controller is extremely easy to use. Just dial the speakers time and press the button to start. Is the button pressed again, it will pause. Pressing Again, it will resume. Button down 3 seconds:reset. After the time is over, all LEDs will flash. Pressing the button resets the flashing again.

Most conference rooms have built in microphone lines with XLR jacks to the speakers desk. Those audio lines can be used to connect a LED bar-graph to the controller.

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